Something different, College Football

This post is a little different from book reviews, it’s about college football. I was watching the Cotton Bowl, Alabama vs. Michigan State. I can’t believe how bad Michigan State looked in this game. I’m not a Michigan State fan or an Alabama fan (Personally, I think they are both overrated). Michigan State should never have been there and neither should Alabama. The calls in this game were ridiculous.  

The main call that I thought was ridiculous was when Alabama’s quarterback was about to be sacked and he threw the ball to no one and it fell short about two yards from the line of scrimmage and no call for intentional grounding. Then Michigan state did the same thing and they got called for it. This game was rediculous. In my opinion, neither team should have been there and I believe that Alabama was going to win just for the fact that they wanted an SEC team in the Championship game. It was completley biased for Alabama.

With Alabama’s schedule in the regular season, there was more teams that should have been in Alabama’s spot. More teams deserving to be there. They had a weak schedule. Now, we have a championship game that is going to be Clemson vs. Alabama. Not really something that is going to interest me in watching. Even though I am going to watch it because I love football. These  calls need to be made fair for both teams and not just put the teams in their that they want to see win. It should be the teams that deserve to be their and Michigan State and Alabama should not have been anywhere close to being there. I can see Clemson and Oklahoma but I would have rather seen Houston in their then Alabama, i think Houston would have embarrased Alabama.

Well that is my little rant about one of the games. I don’t care what anyone says, Alabama is completly overrated and will always believe that.



Ian caldwell – The Fifth Gospel

If you are wanting a mystery book, in the likeness of the da Vinci code, then this book is for you. I give this book a 9/10, it really is that good. This book was hard for me to put down until it was finished. Then I wanted more to read in the story. It was really good.
It takes place in the Vatican. It involves two brothers who are of faith and a murder of one of their friends who is holding an exhibit. I’m not going to go into detail bit it is well worth the read.
The writing style is easy to follow. Everything flows smooth throughout the entire story.
After reading this book and his first book that he co-authored with Dustin Thomas on “The Rule of Four”. Caldwell has moved up in ranks of my favorite authors.
I highly recommend this book.

Stephen King’s The Bazaar of Bad Dream

This review is about the new SK short story book.
The book in all i give a 9/10. It was a really good read. I couldn’t put the book down. I loved all the stories in it, even the two poems he has in it.
Each story for the most part, SK wrote in a different style. It shows how well he can write.
I recommend this book to anyone. Whether you like SK or not, like horror books or not. You won’t be disappointed.